Solar Power and Sustainable Living

Hundred Acre Hideaway is "Off The Grid" meaning we are not connected to mains power lines as they are too far away. We make our own power from the sun and wind. Our system is super sophisticated and allows us to demonstrate sustainable living at its finest. This is how we do it:

We use solar and wind energy for 240V power supply, gas for instant hot water, fridges and cooking plus a backup 8.5KVA silent generator for times of extremely low sunshine. Without blinding you with science, very simply, the sun shines onto 3000KW of north facing solar panels, which then feeds into a bank of 12 batteries. Then a 6000W inverter transforms the solar energy into 240V ready for everyone to use. Its not rocket science...its just solar power!

Winter evenings, steaming hot tubs, crackling fires...

Welcome to Winter! Winter is such a beautiful season to stay here in the wilderness , soaking in the hot tub of your choice, watching the steam curl slowly through the night air as the stars twinkle. Even when the stars don't twinkle and it perhaps is blowing a gale (!!) it's still the most incredible, unique and relaxing experience :) Massive thankyou so far to all our amazing guests who've been coming here since we launched in 2013, you guys are the reason we absolutely love what we do here, the reason we can continue improving and making the most beautiful, peaceful, affordable hot tub sanctuary. Thanks so much to James McIver and Kalise Valerie for their awesome hot tub feature photos and to everyone who sends in stunning pics to Instagram and Facey. I'm currently bumbling along learning some astrophotography and i reckon this season we'll see some really good Southern Aurora activity!  Tips for winter travel:

Get here early and hop straight into your hot tub!

Pre order a dinner hamper from us , the vineyard or the pub and zone out by the fire.

Try the new Ciders on Bruny at the pub and vineyard. Mulled and spiced- soooo good!

Check out the 2016 Harvest Ale at the Cheese Co featuring our own wild harvest pepper berries. Phil and I risked life and limb to pick those little beauties!

Prepare to relax like you've never relaxed before :)

All the best,

Jen xoxo

Welcome to our first blog post!

Spring is here and we are so proud to launch our new site filled with info to help you with all your travel plans. A huge thankyou to all our gorgeous guests who have stayed at Hundred Acre Hideaway during the past three years...we love meeting you all and look forward to welcoming all our new guests! 

Stay in touch with what's happening at Hundred Acre Hideaway via our blog. Each season we will feature stunning photography, foodie news, art and sound, interviews with local producers and inspiring travel ideas. It's a pretty amazing part of the world here perched halfway up a mountain, between a Blackwood forest and a rainforest overlooking the southern ocean. Hope to see you down the track!

Earth laughs in flowers
— Ralph Waldo Emerson