Hundred Acre Hideaway Hot Tub Retreat


Two self catering hideaways, powered by solar, wind and gas, offer pure relaxation on 100 acres of rainforest, bush and meadows, overlooking magnificent Cloudy Bay. Situated on pristine South Bruny Island, the location is private and serene. Relax and unwind in these beautifully appointed hideaways, with panoramic views from your rooms. Sit on the deck and enjoy the abundant endemic wildlife and scenery, after a day of exploring, wine and produce tasting, fishing, surfing, bush-walking, bike-riding, cruising or simply relaxing.



Hundred Acre Hideaway offers luxurious, solar powered accommodation and showcases neighbour Ross O’Meara’s Bruny Island Food.

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Book now to experience the beauty, silence, relaxation and purity of this unique location, the outstanding food and the hospitality of Phil and Jen at Hundred Acre Hideaway.

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